Meet RoB & Family

Rob Anderson is father of four, an Alberta lawyer, political commentator, and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Airdrie from 2008 – 2015.

During his time in elected office, Rob served as a member of the Provincial Treasury Board and assistant to the Solicitor General. After leaving the PC Party for the Wildrose Party in 2010, Rob ran for re-election in 2012 garnering 57% of the vote.

Rob was subsequently named the Official Opposition House Leader and Finance Critic, and was appointed chair of Alberta’s Public Accounts Committee.

Rob, known as a fiscal hawk, introduced legislation to limit spending increases to no more than population growth plus inflation; prohibit the introduction of a budget that proposes a cash deficit; allocate half of all cash surpluses to the Alberta Heritage Fund; and to suspend the practice of spending the interest generated by the Heritage Fund until it reached an amount of at least $200 billion. Sadly, the Redford PC Government defeated the proposed legislation and continued to spend recklessly, one of many reasons why Alberta has a massive deficit today.

In response to the provincial government's 2013 budget, Anderson and the Official Opposition released the Wildrose Financial Recovery Plan, which would have eliminated Alberta’s operating deficit and restore a modest surplus by 2014. This plan was also rejected by the Redford PCs.

Following an unsuccessful attempt at uniting the Prentice-led PCs and Wildrose parties, Rob left politics in 2015 to practice law. He is a partner at Warnock Kraft Anderson Lawyers, and primarily practices civil litigation. He is also the father of four boys who he enjoys coaching in hockey and exploring the Rockies with.

In 2019, Rob launched the webcast, ‘Unfiltered’, dedicated to providing independent commentary on various political issues affecting Western Canada and the world. Then in September of 2021, Rob launched the Free Alberta Strategy Group, a joint initiative with the Alberta Institute, promoting the Free Alberta Strategy across the province in various town halls, meetings with politicians and community leaders, and through various media platforms and other initiatives. The goals of the Free Alberta Strategy are to see the Government of Alberta pass the Strategy’s proposed package of reforms that will free Alberta from Ottawa’s overbearing control and restore self-determination for all Albertans. 

In addition to being a busy hockey dad of 4 teenage boys, Rob and his loving partner, Stacey, enjoy their time together having adventures with their boys, hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and travelling and experiencing the world’s diverse cultures.