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Meet Rob

Rob Anderson is an Alberta lawyer practicing civil litigation, a political commentator for ‘Rob Anderson Unfiltered’, and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Airdrie from 2008 – 2015. He has served as Alberta’s Public Accounts Committee chair, Assistant Solicitor General, Official Opposition House Leader and member of the Treasury Board. Rob is also a hockey dad of 4 boys, avid hiker and enjoys travelling and experiencing the world’s diverse cultures.

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free Alberta From ottawa

  • Pass the Alberta Sovereignty within Canada Act authorizing the Government of Alberta to refuse enforcement of any federal law or policy that the Legislature deems to be an attack on Albertans’ interests or our provincial rights – including to start – the Emergencies Act, the Carbon Tax, and all Federal Emissions Caps on our energy sector.

  • Establish an Alberta Provincial Police Force to replace the RCMP.

  •  Pass the Equalization Termination Act which will establish an Alberta Revenue Agency to collect all provincial taxes

  • Replace the CPP with an Alberta Pension Plan that will guarantee our seniors higher benefits than they receive now

  • Establish an independent provincial banking system to better protect and serve the needs of Albertans.


Restore Personal freedoms & civil Liberties

  • Amend the Alberta Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination of an individual’s refusal to consent to a medical treatment (i.e. vaccines).

  • Establish a Wrongful Vaccine Mandate Termination Fund to compensate all Albertans whose employment was terminated without just cause due to non-compliance with a vaccine mandate.

  • Prohibit any further COVID lockdowns or mandates of the general population, and instead focus on non-intrusive and non-compulsive health initiatives and education to protect our vulnerable populations from future variants.

  • Prohibit enforcement of the Federal Emergencies Act within the Province of Alberta without approval first being given by the Alberta Legislature.

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Health consultation

freedom of Choice in Healthcare

  • Decentralize public health care delivery and control to the local level and cut the needless bureaucracy at AHS

  • Double ICU and Hospital surge capacity for future waves of illness and surgeries

  • Maintain public health funding and full universal coverage

  • Promote innovative European-style private-public health care partnerships, investments and delivery options with the goal of cutting surgery wait times in half without needing to increase health spending.


mandatory free votes 

Pass the Mandatory Free Vote Act abolishing the position of Party Whip and prohibiting any sanction against an MLA for voting for or against a proposed bill in the Legislature when that same MLA has informed his or her Party Leader of his or her intent to do so in advance.

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